Social and Economic Situation in Severskaya district

The Severskaya District is located in the South-Western part of the Krasnodar Region on the left bank of the Kuban River, on the Northwest slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range.

The distance from the regional center – the village of Severskaya – to the capital of the Krasnodar Region is 37 km, and to the seaport of Novorossiysk is 110 km.

The district shares its borders with the Republic of Adygeya (the Takhtamukay District), the town of Goryachiy Klyuch, the Tuapse District, the Gelendzhik District, the city of Krasnodar, as well as the Abinsk and Krasnoarmeyskiy District.

The Severskaya District includes 3 urban and 9 rural settlements, and 46 residential places.

Sober-Oashkh Mountain is a visiting card of the district; it is visible from all points of the district. It rises by 736 meters above the sea level.

The total area of ​​the Municipal Formation is 212.2 thousand hectares including agricultural land of 77.2 thousand hectares and State Forest Resource of 101.8 thousand hectares.

The population of the region is 119,800 people; the economically active population is more than 51%. The Cossack village of Severskaya, Ilskiy village and Afipskiy village are the most heavily-populated settlements of the district; more than half of the population of the district lives here.

The Severskaya District belongs to the territories with a diversified structure of economy, in which the following sectors are represented: oil refining, construction, transport, agriculture, manufacture of construction materials and structures and other industries.

Over 50% of the industry structure is occupied by industrial production (57%), retail trade (22%), agriculture (8%) and paid services to the population (5.8%). The remaining portion accounts for transport and other industries.

Manufacture of oil products, mining operation, food production, a consumer sphere and agriculture are priority sectors of economy of the Severskaya District.

The volume of capital investments by entities that conduct economic activities in the territory of the district grows every year. This is, of course, due to the increase in the number of enterprises, as well as the ongoing projects on modernization of the production facilities of oil refining enterprises.

The essential share of investments (more than 50%) from the total amount falls on industrial enterprises.

Thanks to the unique sightseeing places of interest, tourism develops in the Severskaya District. Currently, there are the following tourist routes here: integrated (Sober-Oashkh Mountain and Big Afips Mountain), geological and geomorphological (Zolotyye Rocks and Krasnyye Rocks on Krepost Ridge), hydrological (Lake Verkhneafipskoye Loch Ness and waterfalls on the Bystryi Stream at the Afips sources), and botanical (200-year-old oaks on the eastern slopes of Sober-Oashkh Mountain, separate specimens of European yew (Taxus baccata), etc.).

There is a huge potential for the development of the agricultural complex in the sphere of animal breeding, fish farming and plant production.

Afipskiy Oil Refinery Plant LLC and Ilskiy Oil Refinery Plant LLC are one of the largest oil refinery plants in the South of Russia located in the district.

The investment attractiveness of this industry doesn’t require any description as in the whole country. The operating enterprises of oil production and oil refining successfully develop; they increase production volumes, pay taxes to budgets of all levels, create new jobs, and are the main sponsors in carrying out social programs and activities in the district from year to year.

Sales of oil products are carried out both on the domestic and foreign markets by exporting straight-run gasoline, diesel fuel, oils and heating oil produced in the district.

There is a real opportunity to develop business and increase production volumes in the district. Managers with a new thinking, who are capable to effectively apply market mechanisms and modern technologies and by attracting investments achieve successful results, appeared in the district. Thanks to this, numerous brands of not only the regional but also the Russian scale appeared in the territory of our district, as follows: Afipskiy Oil Refinery Plant LLC, Ilskiy Oil Refinery Plant LLC, Kubanneftemash CJSC, Impuls LLC, EZOIS-Yug LLC, Grand Line-Center LLC, Monarkh K LLC, etc.